Commercial Bonds

Through our BondAxis Group, we can write all types of commercial surety bonds including hard to place bonds for non-standard or challenged accounts. Molly Reagan Salazar, our Senior Commercial Surety Producer, has more than 20 years of experience in this segment and is an industry expert.

No matter what type of commercial bond you may need, we can deliver it for you in an expedient and professional manner. Just give us a call at (713) 490-5440, or (972) 331-3755, and speak to one of our specialists. You can also email us at


Commercial Bonds typically costs between 1% and 3% of the penal sum amount of  the bond.  However, due to there being so many different types of commercial bonds the rate can vary substantially.  If it’s just simple license & permit bond, it’s usually going to be a fairly low rate and minimal underwriting will need to take place.  But if it’s a Taxable Fuel Bond with a long duration, then the rate could be anywhere from 1% to 5% and there will be considerable underwriting needed in order to get it approved.

Since we’re surety bond professionals, we excel at all types of commercial bonds and enjoy finding solutions to even the most challenging commercial bonds.  We’ve had many cases where we’ve written a bond after the previous agent told our client it was impossible, or it couldn’t be done.  Our goal will be to get the bonds done quickly at the lowest possible price!

The following are some of the types of commercials bonds we offer:

Our Approach

The vast majority of commercial surety bond agencies are looking to write as many bonds as quickly as possible, with service as an afterthought. At BondAxis, we take the time to learn, listen and create solutions for your surety bond needs.

We collaborate with our prospective and current clients to craft solutions specific to their situation. Many clients will have very straight-forward business setups, while others will be  more complex or require more attention to specific underwriting criteria. Whatever the case may be for your business, you will have at your disposal industry experts for consultation at any step of the process. The end result will be the surety bond you need in place in the most time and cost efficient manner possible.