Court Bonds

Court bonds, also known as judicial bonds or court surety bonds, are often required in court proceedings to ensure protection from a possible loss.

Court bonds, also known as judicial bonds or court surety bonds, are often required in court proceedings to ensure protection from a possible loss.  There are many different types of court bonds that may be needed.  An example that everyone is familiar with is a bail bond, which guarantees that a defendant will show up in court for a hearing after being released.  Baldwin Cox Allen does not currently offer bail bonds, but we do offer many other types of court bonds including the following:

  • Plaintiff’s bonds guarantee payment of damages suffered if an action is decided in favor of a defendant.
    • Attachment bonds are required before the court can seize a person’s property to secure a judgment. This is a type of plaintiff bond and guarantees that the plaintiff will pay damages if the court determines the property was wrongfully taken from the defendant.
    • Replevin bonds guarantee that seized property will remain in the same condition and will not be sold or otherwise disposed of. A replevin bond is a type of plaintiff bond.
  • Probate bonds, also known as fiduciary bonds, are required by the court of a fiduciary to protect any interested parties from loss resulting from any failure of the fiduciary to faithfully perform the duties and obligations required of them by law.
  • Executor bonds guarantee that an executor will manage the estate according to the will of the deceased. These bonds are often required before someone can be named an executor. 
  • Administrator bonds are required to protect the administration of a decedent’s estate when the decedent has died without leaving a will. These are often required before a person can be named an administrator.
  • Conservator bonds guarantee that a conservator will be responsible for the assets and finances of a minor or incompetent who is deemed fully or partially incapable of properly handling their finances.
  • Guardianship bonds guarantee that a guardian will faithfully and diligently administer a ward’s welfare, preserving the rights and assets of the minor or incapacitated person.
  • Cost bonds guarantee the payment of costs associated with appealing a lower court’s decision.

Low Rates

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Hard To Place Bonds

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