Lost Title Bond

Lost Title Bonds, or simply Title Bonds, are usually needed when you lose your vehicle’s title. They basically serve as your vehicle’s title once obtained. These are used as a last resort after every effort is made to retrieve the vehicle’s original title. They’re fairly easy to obtain and are considered low risk. The surety bond professionals at Baldwin Cox Allen can typically turn these around within hours, and in some cases can be obtained automatically through our website.

Low Rates

At Baldwin Cox Allen, we have access to over 25 different A rated bonding companies which allows us to shop the market and provide the lowest possible rates.  We have cutting edge surety technology which allows us to this for you without delaying the execution of your bonds, as we know that timing can be critical.

Hard To Place Bonds

We have solutions for even the most challenging bonds.  We say “Yes” when other agents tell you “No”.  Whether it’s because you have low credit, or there’s just a particularly onerous bond form, we pride ourselves on getting bonds approved with the best possible terms.

Please contact us today and let one of our experienced surety bond professionals assist you with your bonding needs!