Utility Bond

Utility Bonds are required to be posted by a business before the utility company will connect their services. So if your business wants to get connected to water, electrical, and other services, they’ll usually need to post this type of bond. It guarantees that you’ll make your required utility payment.

The purpose of these type of bonds is to protect the obligee, the utility provider, against default of payments by their customer.  In most cases, if the customer is an individual or residential customer, the bond is not required, but it’s almost always required when servicing a business. 

Utility Bonds are considered high risk because it’s essentially a financial guarantee bond.  As the obligee, the public entity could file a claim and receive compensation up to the bond penal sum amount if the principal (seller) is not in compliance.  If the amount of the bond is over $50,000, then the surety will most likely need to review company and personal financials in order to approve the bond. 

Low Rates

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Hard To Place Bonds

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